Monday, 2 November 2015

Stop and Smell the Roses - you might find Chalk Dust

On Saturday morning I had an epiphany!  I would reorganise the spaces in our flat to make a writing space for myself in the box room (so I could shut the door).  Currently my writing space is the loungeroom - but there is way too much family traffic there, so I had this idea that if I bought a new wardrobe I could get rid of 2 other pieces of furniture and make more room in the long run in the box room.  I won't bore you with the details of the layout of my flat, but it worked.

However, what I did not consider was the stress, time and effor to actually put my plan into action.
Flat pack was the only option (the flat is way too small to navigate anything pre-built around it).  So online to Ikea I go and find the perfect wardrobe.  The dimensions will fit and they deliver.  Awesome.  Done.
The packages arrive and this past Saturday myself and Mr 5yo get out the drill and screwdrivers ready to build a wardrobe.  Of course Mr 5yo is an expert at all things handyman and proceeds to 'help' me.  All goes well as I get him to organise and count all the little screws etc.  Cool, I'm then unpacking the rest and reading the instructions.  Ikea always goes smoother for me if I read the instructions.
Then I get setup and part drill things so Mr 5yo can help by drilling the rest of the way.  All is going well and I'm putting bits together until I need the drill and Mr 5yo got bored and went to play in the lounge.  I found him in the lounge with the drill all setup on his little table and chairs drilling the star screw drill bit into a large piece of chalk.  I gathered by the amount of chalk dust on the table, the floor, the rug and himself that he'd been having a great old time.
Calmly I asked if I could have the drill back and the screwdrivers that also had pink chalk dust on them.
"In a minute Mummy, I'm working right now," was the serious reply.
"Oh, ok then.  What are you working on," I replied as I took a seat on the other small (did I mention small) chair.  Being the modern mummy that I am I don't like to stifle creativity.
"I'm making an invention.  See I wrote my name on the side too."  Yes, he has a sharpy out and had written his name on the side of the chalk and then drilled holes in it.
"Wow, that's awesome and well done for writing your name."  This is pretty cool when you child writes on their own as all parents will know.
So I then figured it was time for me to have a cuppa and a break and discuss this invention more.  In the end it took me about 6 hours to finish the wardrobe when it should have taken about 1hour, but I look back and I have some great memories from haning out with my son and making inventions and discussing stuff.

I decided a couple of years ago I was going to stop and smell the roses and then you get caught up in the day-to-day roller coaster of life.  Yesterday I conscioulsy decided to actually stop and take some time to appreciate the moment around me and I'm so glad I did.
It didn't matter the wardrobe took almost all day, I enjoyed hanging out with Mr 5yo and discovered more about what he was thinking and how he perceives the world rather than rushing through our days to work and school.  We even made up some stories between us and soon he may even want to write them down.

Tonight I have my little writing nook all ready to go.

Happy writing, Happy reading everyone.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Just let me write ..... Please

Is that something you are constantly saying in your head to family and friends, or maybe out loud, after numerous and repeated attempts to get your attention rather than let you just write.
It is nice they want you around, but can’t they feed themselves, tidy the house, play by themselves?  If you have a partner you are truly lucky if they help keep the hoards away from you during writing time, but for the solo mum with a nearly 5yo I really need to budget my time and hope the muse is still with me when I get my quiet writing time after 8pm at night.  That’s after the little one has gone off to dreamland and I’ve tidied the house, put on a load of washing and prepared for the next day.
All I really want to do is relax on the lounge and let my brain rest from all the activity during the day and everything I need to remember for the coming week.
As I write this blog I don't have the interruption of a cat on the keyboard as per the usual, but I do have Mr 5yo climbing onto my lap because it's been a whole 2 minutes since we spoke.  So my attention is required - again.  Silly me, I thought the game he was playing on the floor with his action figures would keep him amused for at least 10 minutes.
Actually if I just sat on the lounge and watched him, I would be ignored for a full 30 minutes.  I know because I tested this theory.  As soon as I divert my attention to a phone or laptop - he can't live without me.
How about you?  Do you manage any writing time uninterrupted?
For me I also have a full-time day job as I haven’t yet made it to the coveted ranks of a financially stable full time writer.   I won’t know what to do with myself when I’m a full time writer while the little one is at school.  Bliss - I’m dreaming about it now.
Recently I’ve started to meditate before I start my writing stint in the evenings and it’s really helping me to get that relaxation for my brain before I begin the creative side of my life.

How about you?
I’m curious how others find time to write uninterrupted with family and day-job work commitments.

How do you do it?

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Historical Accuracy in Romance novels - Love it, Hate it or Don’t care?

I’m a huge fan of Historical Romance fiction with a particular penchant for the Scottish Highlander.  That’s just me and I’m not ashamed of it.  Gruff and manly and written with a scottish brogue are my absolute favourite hero's.
Putting the Hero’s looks aside, I mostly enjoy a novel if the historical accuracy is pretty much there.  Like framing a sentence a certain way, or the characters sensibilities should acknowledge events/actions be done a certain way for the period.  I don't mind if the date an event happened is 25 years later than when it actually happened, but I do like to read about how life was while I imagine the romance between the 2 main characters.
A few of my favourite authors who do this really well are Diana Gabaldon, Suzi Love and Tea Cooper.  Their respective websites and blogs are littered with interesting tidbits of their research or extracts from their books and where they found that bit of info from to give more insight into their stories.
My current novel, Undercover Highlander, started out as a contemporary romance and then quite quickly morphed into a part historical, part paranormal, part contemporary romance.  The present day is impacted very strongly by the past which started in the Scottish Highlands around the time of the celts and picts.  
I began to research the time period and ended up on a very exciting journey through the Scottish Highlands to a small remote Scottish Island, Orkney.
My story has earth magic, evil who want the magic Jade Trio (a ring, amulet and wand) and the clan that moves to Orkney in the hopes of keeping the Jade Trio hiding places secret until Seraphina can locate them again.  Seraphina is a strong witch destined to save the Jade Trio from the hands of evil, who would use them for well, evil.  She is transported to the present day when the fates have deemed the time is right for her to be reborn and find the Jade Trio from their hiding places.  With the help of her twin sister, Merida, the Jade Coven was formed to ensure the legacy and secret hiding places were handed down through the centuries until the time was right for Seraphina to find them again.  The guardianship of the Jade Witch is also a position within the coven that is handed down through the centuries to a warrior descended from the clan.  He must find her in each of her incarnations and protect her through her mission to find the Jade Trio.  Unfortunatley Blaxor, who tried to steal the Jade Trio originally, the seriously evil guy, also ensures his bloodline will continue through the centuries to search and find the Jade Witch and then the Jade Trio.  He knows only she can lead them to the Jade Trio and only she can bring their magic to life again.  Then they can be his ....

How about you?  Do you like to know that the style of dress is exact for the period, or just something that seems like it is.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

To Review or Not To Review?

As a writer on the way to becoming self-published I've been researching this thing called Book Reviews with a lot more interest.

Authors NEED reviews to help improve their rankings (well if they are good reviews they improve), and to improve your rankings means the site you are selling your book baby on will in turn put your book closer to the top of the search list potential readers are looking at.  So it's important to get these reviews.

My post today is to ask: Who leaves reviews and how often?

I love to read and listen to audio books mostly in the Romantic Fiction genre.  Sometimes I branch out to a Mystery/Suspense without the romance, but rarely.
As a solo mum the time I have to read uninterrupted is limited and usually in bed before I fall asleep.  When I finish a book I'd be happy to leave a review, but I'm tired and it's late and always say "I'll do it tomorrow".  Then the next night I start a new book with the previous book review still not done.  Eventually I find some time and add a few reviews at the same time, but only if I find the time and the book really impressed me.  If it didn't, I don't go out of my way to leave a bad review.  I just don't review anything less than a 4 these days - life is too short.

I’d love to hear about your thoughts on writing reviews.  Do you or don't you?

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Happy writing to all the writers out there and Happy reading to all the romance readers out there 

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Trust Yourself and Go for It

Recently I made a big decision - leave my day job and write full time.

I want to be a published author and sustain my family financially from it.  Sounds easy when you write it in one sentence like that.  Only I'm not a published author I'm just a person who likes to write and WANTS to be a published author.  I've been wanting to change my life for many, many years but keep making excuses to stay in my day job (installing financial software for large companies on 1-2 year projects).  My main reason is that I'll see how the 1st book goes and then I'll decide if I leave my day job. Only I never seem to have enough time to write to actually finish the 1st book.

Recently I’ve been looking very critically at myself and my life and realised the obvious:

If I don’t change something in my life, my life will not change

This could be my new home if my novels don't sell
Ok, not a new concept, but for some reason it struck me quite strongly that I’m like the lab rat that just keeps spinning the wheel and doing the same thing day in day out.  I don’t allow myself time to write. I make excuses for why I can't find time to write.  Mostly because I'm tired after being on a client site daily and then having to travel 1-2 hours each way, and then being a sole parent for a VERY, VERY energetic 5yo.  Life has been draining me - because I let it.  That is my recent realisation.  I let it.
I firmly believe if you really want to do something, then you find the time - right?.

So here goes - when I write this it will be real.  Scary real.

Today I made a decision to leave my day job and devote 3 months to writing full time and see where it leads.  Am I scared? - Absolutely!  Could I go bankrupt? - Hmmm, possibly.  Will I do it? - Hell Yes!!!!!!!!!

I've been writing romantic fiction and dabbling in childrens stories for a couple of decades now.  I have done my internship - it's time to see if I learnt anything.

Feel free to comment or drop me an email too say “Yeah - Good on you Kalysta” as you throw me a virtual high-5, or “Come on Slacko — stop blogging and write that book!”

I’d love to hear about others who have made changes to get a better life, or are in the process of making a change, and how it turned out in the comments.

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Happy writing to all the writers out there and Happy reading to all the romance readers out there 

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

If You Want a Change - Change Something

I whinge often to myself and my friends about getting up early to go to a job I don’t really like, in locations I’m not a fan of, which keeps me away from my young child who I’d rather be a stay at home mum to.

To all my readers (I’m hoping I have some out there), I am going to change that.

Recently I’ve been looking very critically at myself and my life and realised the obvious: if I don’t change something in my life, my life will not change.  Ok, not a new concept, but for some reason it struck me quite strongly that I’m like the lab rat that just keeps spinning the wheel and doing the same thing day in day out.  I don’t allow myself time to write and fit that into my lifestyle, because if you really want to do something, then you find the time - right?.
I have been writing fiction for many, many years now.  I’m actually getting up to nearly 2 decades.  Wow I sound old, let’s not go there today and just say I love to write stories and have been spending time to hone my craft.
I’ve also wanted to be a published author for the bulk of that time but other than telling friends I want to be a full-time writer I never progressed past that, especially after I had some rejections from the traditional publishers I sent my 1st manuscript to.  Having a day job as an accountant meant ‘doing my time’ to progress through the ranks because I convinced myself I wanted to be a Senior Manager, plus I wanted a life outside of work too.  So I didn’t allow a lot of time to my writing in any serious way.
Today I’m Changing my calendar and my mindset and deciding to write and exercise everyday.  Yep, I’m combining the two because I blame not writing on being too tired from my life to write and I’m tired because I’m not eating as well as I could and I don’t exercise.  That just facilitates a downward spiral that will never change if I don’t change something.

Today I choose to Change how I spend my time, to Change my Life!

Feel free to comment or drop me an email too say “Yeh - Good on you Kalysta”, or “Come on Slacko — get to work!”

I’d love to hear about others who have made changes to get a better life, or are in the process of making a change, in the comments.

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Happy writing to all the writers out there and Happy reading to all the romance readers out there 

Monday, 20 July 2015

Giveaway: Kindle Voyage + Origami Case

Every wanted to be part of a Clan?

Competition to win a Kindle Voyage

Join my Readers Clan and you could win a Kindle Voyage, 6" High-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Adaptive Built-in Light, PagePress Sensors, Wi-Fi PLUS an Origami Black Leather case.

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I'm gearing up for the launch of Undercover Highlander (Book 1, The Jade Witch series), and I've immersed myself in the Scottish Highlands - literally.  I live in Edinburgh (well, OK, not exactly the Highlands but it's a quick drive away).

I'm living and breathing the locations I'm writing about and thought what better way to share my love of Scotland, than by starting my own Clan.  You can do that right!  Well I am, and if you want to join, be my guest.

I'm not a spammy kind of person, so I won't fill your inbox with useless noise, but I do like to share other Authors I like, reviews of books I've read recently that you may like and I absolutely love to give away cool stuff.

Keep an eye on your inbox for the great Jade Witch swag I'll be giving away closer to launch date.

Pop on over and check me out -- drop an entry or 2 and even drop me a message if you feel so inclined.  I'd love to chat more about your love of Romance and what you like in your books.

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Thursday, 16 July 2015

What's your favourite Romance Heroine - Kick Ass or a Stereotype?

Is the Stereotype long gone?  Or do you still prefer an old fashioned Romance?

Times they are a changin’ whether we like it or not and so have my tastes in my Romance genres.  For many years (during my 20’s and 30’s) I loved nothing more than a poor, helpless virgin who needed to be rescued get that rescuing from a larger than life hero.  He rescued her whether she wanted him to or not and then she found it was that forever love we all dream about.
Ha! That seems such a lifetime ago, now I want my heriones to kick just as much ass as the hero.  Oh, I still like the Hero to be big, strong and know what he wants in the world, but I also like my Heroine to be just as tough and able to take on the world too.  She may not be able to take on the baddies like Rambo, but she is not afraid to be taking on her life by herself.  She’s not looking for someone to save her, but it’s sure nice when they can save each other.

Even with my Highland Historicals, which are my absolute favourites (a man in a kilt, especially a Highland Warrior gets my heart a beaten and my ovaries jingling) I enjoy a little more out of the mould.  I don’t need my herione stereotypical of the time period.
Although there are quite a few readers who will pick a story to bits if the era is wrong for the style of dress the heroine wears or some other minor detail.  I’m not that precious — I’m all about reading a love story, a romance that grabs my heart strings and keeps me turning the pages to see how they first kiss etc et.

How about you?

What are you thoughts on the role of the Heroine in Modern Contemporary Romances or the Historical Romance?

Do you like a stereotype, or someone who has broken the mould?

I’d love to hear about other struggles and triumphs in the comments.

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Happy writing to all the writers out there and Happy reading to all the romance readers out there 

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Leave your emotions in your Fiction - but HOW?

How do you detach yourself from the Fictional character emotions get back to day-to-day life after each writing session?

I’m currently writing some scenes where my heroine, Sera, is kidnapped and she must work through her emotions to find the best strategy to stay alive and escape her captors.  The kidnappers are part of a group who want to find an ancient relic before the Sera’s newly found family, the Jade Witch Coven, do.  It’s a battle of humans who want to become immortal (as they believe collecting all 3 ancient Jade relics will give them this), and the Jade Witch Coven who are sworn protectors of the 3 ancient relics and know their true purpose is not immortality.
There are dark forces, evil dudes and dudettes and a bunch of good guys all trying to to get to the Jade Wand first, which is the 1st of the relics to be hunted.
In writing these kidnap scenes Sera is going through a range of emotions as you would expect, but it’s how she handles each situation that is draining me.  Especially as one of the kidnappers is a past love, her 1st love, and his betrayal of her and her heart has not yet healed.  To write these scenes I have been digging into my past and reliving some hurts and pain and it’s great material to help me get into character.
The part I’m currently struggling with is how to detach myself from the emotional state I’m in once I finish my writing session and need to get back to family life and do normal stuff again.  I’m finding if I was writing a cranky scene I’m cranky with my family - for absolutely no reason, than I was in that mindset and I haven’t worked out how to trigger a switch back to normal life.

How do you get our of your characters head(s) and get back into your own when you have finished writing for that session?

Any tips from seasoned writers?

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Happy writing to all the writers out there and Happy reading to all the romance readers out there 

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Fictional Romance writers - how do you organise your plot timelines?

For the Scrivener fictional writer and authors out there

How many of you use Aeon Timeline with Scrivener?

Aeon Timeline:

I’ve been using Scrivener for years and recently wanted to learn more about it and found a blog a while ago (the exact name lost to me know), but in the comments, someone mentioned Aeon Timeline.  I’d been wanting to work out how I could use Scrivener to help me plot the timelines for my novel so this new piece of software intrigued me.

I searched out the website and trialled it and have now purchased the software.  The best part for me is that it syncs with Scrivener and is really easy and intuitive to use (well, after I watched a few quick tutorials).  I love the visual it gives me of how many days have passed since, for example:

“Craig I’ve told you I don’t like you that way.  You are a friend, but I’m sorry, our relationship won’t every be more than that.” Sera regretted being harsh, but Craig wasn’t taking no for an answer and his actions towards her to go out with him were getting more and more aggressive.  Maybe she should stop coming to the gym and start avoiding him altogether?

However, in the chapter previously, Sera had been kidnapped and wouldn’t be going to the gym anytime soon.
This is quite obvious to you as you read it here but if you are the type of writer, like me, that writes a scene or chapter as the muse takes me, I can jump around my manuscript quite a bit.  I’m always moving and re-moving chapters as I change my mind on the order of events.
This is where Aeon Timeline helps me out because I can just look at the timeline and review the order of the chapters and events at a high level without having the re-read everything.  Of course I’ll do that during my edit phase, but when I’m in a buzz and just spilling out the ideas during planning and 1st draft it’s a massive help.
Aeon Timeline is viewed easily by Groups, Characters and Date/Times

This is just the tip of the iceberg for what Aeon is capable of as it can also help organise events into groups and keep your research.  I’m still learning best ways to work with these and see how it all syncs with Scrivener, especially as Scrivener is also so powerful and you can make changes to Aeon by changing values within Scrivener and vice-versa.
Scrivener holds all my research, notes, ideas, chapters, targets and since with Aeon - Brilliant!

Basically I think the combination of these 2 applications are awesome and are making my writing life easier and faster to get the writing from my head to the internet.

How about you?
Do you have a way of keeping your events in order?  
I’d love to hear about other ideas of what works and what doesn’t in the comments.

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Happy writing to all the writers out there and Happy reading to all the romance readers

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Caffeine Free Writer - True Story!

 I gave up Coffee cold turkey!

Can I still call myself a Writer?

As any other writer knows, especially those that are also a solo parent, is that coffee is a saviour.  You can’t function without it and get everything done in a day that you need to.
Well that was until 3 weeks ago.  I’ve been a wannabe writer forever and solo mum to my VERY energetic 5y.o. Together with a day job while trying to write in and around our life.  It was a struggle to give everyone involved quality time and I often lost out on my own quality time.  I’d often fall asleep while putting my little treasure to sleep at 7pm and wake at 2am with all the lights on and the kitchen needing to be cleaned.  How familiar is this to anyone out there?
So coffee has always been a luxury of mine before the boy was born, and then after it became a necessity.  It was my ‘go to’ trigger to help me take a quick break from stresses and rushing around.  I gave myself permission to stop and relax if I had a coffee in my hand.  I began to increase the dose and make them stronger and have them more often.  I became an addict.
Then one day recently I realised I was just constantly tired and getting no where fast with my brain muddled and foggy all the time.  I was struggling to remember basic stuff and if it wasn’t in my diary it didn’t happen.  I was even giving below par quality in my day job (oops, luckily the boss doesn’t read this blog).  Plus I hadn’t been writing for months — thought it was just writers block at first but realised it that I just couldn’t concentrate long enough to think to the next chapter and solve the obvious holes in my plot.

Then I made a very difficult and life changing decision to give up caffeine.

I know, I can hear your gasps of shock and disbelief from here.  

What I’ve discovered 3 weeks on (after a few days of paracetamol to get past the headaches), was that I’ve more energy, I’m eating better by consuming more energy foods and my brain has cleared of all the fog. I’ve also sorted my story so that it will be ready for release 31st July 2015.  Yeh! Well worth the effort.
But I really do have to mention it wasn’t the coffee causing my tiredness or fogginess - it was the fact I was always in a rush and looking for a quick fix that I would have a coffee followed by sugar (chocolate, biscuits etc).  Coffee was also my trigger to allow myself a break so I had to be strong to just allow myself to stop without the coffee cup.  I’ve switched to herbal tea but don’t actually need the same quantity of cups of tea I was having for coffee to feel the relaxation anymore.  I allow myself to stop and refresh by just stopping for a few minutes and have a walk around the house/office instead.  Actually really easy now I’m in a routine.
Also when I gave up coffee I had a breakfast of cereal, fruit, yoghurt, fruit smoothies or breakfast muesli bars instead of just a coffee in my travel mug in the car.
So in reality it was the fact I was eating better and putting energy into my body for it to use rather than the false uppers of coffee and sugar.  So naturally my body has more energy and my brain is functioning normally again - I’m eating better and not craving the same level of sugar I was before.  Maybe I should give up sugar too?   Hmmm, let’s see if I stick to being caffeine free for a bit first.

In conclusion I’ve decided I am still a writer and I’m now more productive so I’m happy with the change.  Although I do look wistfully at the coffee shop as I walk past it from time to time.

How about you?

  • Do you have a trigger that either keeps you writing or helps you relax and focus?  
  • I’d love to hear about other struggles and triumphs in the comments.

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Happy writing to all the writers out there and Happy reading to all the romance readers out there 

Friday, 3 April 2015

eBook Review: Lick by Kylie Scott

[Book 1 in The Stage Dive series]

This was my first Kylie Scott book and I’ve not really come across the Rocker romance before but I absolutely loved it.  

The point of view from the heroine, Evelyn, was real and current.  When she woke with the hangover from hell in her hotel room in Vegas with a strange man, you begin to think along the predictable “happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” scenario.  But NO, that is not what you read here.

Evelyn has a total blackout of the night before and her husband, Yep she decided getting married to David was a good idea at the time.  OK, so far it's the usual Vegas story.

David is the lead guitarist of a major rock band and this puts them both in the spotlight from day 1.  So with the story, comes a blackout from the 'bride', paparazzi at every turn for Evelyn and her friends and family and for David and the band.

Dealing with the band, and figuring out what she wants, Evelyn and David spend time together in his world and in hers to figure it all out.

They both have their scars from past relationships and work to overcome them because it was basically love at first sight for David.  If only Evelyn could remember.

What made this story different for me and not so predictable was the way it was written by Ms Scott in a current and real way.  I believed the characters and their motivation in all the situations.

If you are into a Contemporary Romance that has an HEA but with a lot of realistic bumps along the way, you should check out Lick, and then I’m sure like me, you’ll be buying the rest of the Stage Dive series.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

What is your Procrastination Passion?

“The work you do when you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.”  This is a quote by Jessica Hirsche that really resonated with me today.

Having worked in quite a few different types of job roles over the past few decades I’ve been thinking about the future and what would I enjoy doing as a job.  I often find myself writing and making up stories when I procrastinate and I have evan been dabbling with putting in some more time and effort and seeing if I can become a published author.

However, this wasn’t what I was conditioned to do.  You see when I was young and in those formative years of deciding what I wanted to be when I grew up I told everyone I wanted to be an accountant like my Dad.  I didn’t really understand what that meant but turns out I’m quite Ok at being an accountant.  I’m better at systems and cost accounting as it turned out and have made a career of it for 20 years now.

I feel as though I fell into accountancy because I didn’t stop to think if that’s what I actually wanted to do with my life.  I just went through the motions and didn’t think about if I liked it or not.  However, there were a few tell tale signs along the way that number crunching wasn’t my passion. I was a high school drop out.  In my last senior year I quit school and joined the workforce.  I became a junior in a bank and stayed there for about 4 years progressing up the food chain to a ‘teller’ as they were called in those days.  After a few more changes I ended up working in bars and restaurants until I finally decided to go to Uni and study accountancy when I was 21.  Finishing High School needed to be done first and after a year I managed to scrape into Uni.

I’ve definitely put in the time and my day job now is implementing financial software for large corporations and while I’d say I’m reasonable good at it and it pays the bills quite nicely, it’s not my passion.

I use to do a lot of travel for my work and during those times I’d people watch and make up stories and wonder what was their back story.  I have loads of old notebooks with all these stories and few years ago I moved them all into my laptop — I’m still struggling to work out what I was thinking with some of them and why I thought I should write down some things.  Maybe that was while I was in the airport bar?

Now as I’m of that age when you start to re-evaluate your life and what you enjoy and don’t enjoy and I’m moving in the direction of writing for the rest of my life as my work.  I enjoy it immensely when I have the time to get in the zone, but I’ve not really tried to progress it to the point of making money from it.  I’ve read and heard all the stories about vanity publishing and years of rejections from publishers and I’m not romanticising the journey ahead.

What I have decided very recently is that why not give it a go.  I don’t want to get to the end of my life and regret not really trying something that is my passion.  My new life motto for this decade has been ‘Take time to live your Dreams’.

Now I’m going to take this quote more seriously - “The work you do when you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.”   I’m going to use this year to see if I can write as my work for the rest of my life.

Watch this space!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Who is your favourite Book Boyfriend?

How can I pick only one?

I’ve been trying to decide on the hero for my book and wondering what type of man he is, or rather should be.  Is he outdoorsy?  Could he be a firefighter/paramedic type?  Is he a financial whizz in a suit?
On my pursuit to ensure I create a great Book Boyfriend for all the readers I’ve been out and about people watching, or more accurately Man Watching.  Not quite the same as a man hunt, but definitely slightly stalker-ish escapades.
A couple of days ago I was driving to the grocery store when a fire engine sped passed me with lights flashing and siren blazing.  As a good motorist I moved over to let them past and then I did what any sane writer would do looking for a new hero, I followed them.  Of course, not quite as fast, but headed in the general direction to see if I could find them again.  As luck would have it, well not for the building, but luckily for me I found them a few blocks away doing their thing to put out a fire.  I’ve never seen fire fighters in action before, not in real life, right there in front of me and I have to say it was quite breath taking.  All that heroic testosterone as they held the hoses and broke down a door to check inside.  Wow, my next hero would be a fire fighter for sure.  As it’s romance novel he will look like one of the men on the annual calendar they put out.  Ooooh yes, all rippling tanned muscles and a tight six pack of abs.

The next day I was shopping in town and passed a very shiny Harley Davidson and my mind began to wander towards a bad boy type with a romantic side for the ‘right’ woman.

Aaah, now confusion was hitting home and hero’s were beginning to fight for my attention.  I was sitting having a coffee as I tried to decide between fire fighter and bad boy and thought how if this was my real life I’d really have something to write home about.  I’m an Aussie who lives in Scotland you see. Then I started to think of home, of the sunny days and the beach and the swimming and then I was day dreaming over a surfer type.

This book will never be written if I can’t decide on the hero very, very soon.   I know I just need to pick one, but they are all so yummy how is a girl to decide?????

Who would be your Book Boyfriend?